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Model: x1c5anuzynb6688
Battery Capacity:650mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.6ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Fixed WattagePod Kit Type:Re-FillableTank Capacity:2mlWeight::58gHeight::10cm (4.1")Width::3.2cm (1.3")Depth::1.3cm (0.5")The Sigelei Compak M is a slim and stylish vape starter kit. Featuring refillable po..
Ex Tax:$16.99
Model: psybkoqp1nb4137
Coil Resistance:1.5ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:5 PackTank Capacity:1.5mlWeight::3gHeight::3.1cm (1.2")Diameter::1.5cm (0.6")The Sigelei Odo pods have been designed for use with the Sigelei Odo pod kit only. Refillable with your choice of e-liquid, these vape pods feature a 1.5ml capacity and use built..
Ex Tax:$8.99
Model: 3rfhwgcxnb23803
Battery Capacity:1150mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.7ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Adjustable Airflow, Top FillWeight::87gHeight::9.4cm (3.7")Width::4.1cm (1.6")Depth::1.5cm (0.6")The Sigelei SnowWolf Wocket pod kit is a simple to use vape starter kit rec..
Ex Tax:$26.99
Model: wz4n2nvsc4f4621
Made In:ChinaPack Size:2 PackTank Capacity:2mlThe Sigelei Snowwolf A-Feng replacement pods are designed for use with the Sigelei Snowwolf A-Feng pod device only. Featuring a 2ml e-liquid capacity, these refillable pods utilise an interchangeable coil system meaning once flavour deteriorates you only..
Ex Tax:$5.99
Model: akyybg5k42j5135
Battery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.8ohmMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2mlWeight::80gHeight::8.3cm (3.3")Width::4.0cm (1.6")Depth::1.4cm (0.6")The Sigelei Snowwolf Exilis pod kit is intended for users of all experiences. Featuring a large capacity 980mAh battery with a single button operation, the ..
Ex Tax:$16.99
Model: 12f4b0511ak6091
Coil Resistance:1.8ohmPack Size:SingleTank Capacity:2mlHeight::2.7cm (1.1")Width::4.0cm (1.6")Depth::1.4cm (0.6")The Sigelei Snowwolf Exilis replacement pods are for use with the Sigelei Exilis pod vape kit only. These 2ml e-liquid capacity cartridges utilise the interchangeable Exilis 1.8 Ohm coils..
Ex Tax:$4.99
Model: njau1qivkmm6303
Battery Capacity:1600mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.3ohm, 0.6ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2ml Email Alert!This product is coming soon.To receive an email as soon as this item becomes available simply enter your email address below.Email AddressPlease Submit a Valid Email..
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Model: 2xjconfsltq3366
Coil Resistance:0.7ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:SingleTank Capacity:2mlWeight::18gHeight::4.0cm (1.6")Width::4.1cm (1.6")Depth::1.5cm (0.6")The Sigelei SnowWolf Wocket pods are designed for use with the SnowWolf Wocket pod kit only. These are refillable 2ml pods that can be paired with high PG eliquids..
Ex Tax:$4.99
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