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Model: iy1h4joxfif4290
Battery Capacity:500mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.5ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:LightweightTank Capacity:2mlWeight::63gHeight::7.5cm (3.0")Width::4.2cm (1.7")Depth::2.1cm (0.8")The Innokin DV pod kit is an AIO (All In One) vape pod kit intended for new users, whilst experienced vapers ..
Ex Tax:$14.99
Model: q4hvxog5xwu5903
Coil Resistance:0.5ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:SingleTank Capacity:2mlThe Innokin DV pods have been designed for use with the Innokin DV Pod kit only. Featuring Innokin's signature PLEX3D mesh coil, these 2ml pods are refillable and can be used with a range of eliquids.To refill simply eject the pod f..
Ex Tax:$2.99
Model: pytwrdvfchm3479
Battery Capacity:800mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.5ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Fixed WattagePod Kit Type:Re-FillableTank Capacity:2mlWeight::54.5gHeight::9.0cm (3.5")Width::3.5cm (1.4")Depth::1.5cm (0.6")The Innokin EQ Pod Kit is a vape starter kit designed for new users and experienc..
Ex Tax:$9.99
Model: tu0w1lssbkh2142
Battery Capacity:800mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.48ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Lightweight, Variable WattageTank Capacity:2mlWeight::56gHeight::8.6cm (3.4")Width::3.6cm (1.4")Depth::1.6cm (0.6")The Innokin EQS pod kit offers users a slender and compact vape kit that still delivers a ..
Ex Tax:$9.99
Model: doylurdgnth490
Coil Resistance:0.48ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaPack Size:SinglePod Coil Type:Cotton, MeshTank Capacity:2mlThe Innokin EQS pods have been designed for use with the EQS pod kit, they are also backwards compatible with the earlier EQ kit.Featuring a 2ml capacity, these pods are refillable and are r..
Ex Tax:$3.99
Model: bkni24tvxd03576
Battery Capacity:500mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.5ohm, 0.8ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaPod Coil Type:MeshTank Capacity:2mlWeight::28gHeight::11cm (4.3")Width::2.5cm (1.0")Depth::1.0cm (0.4")The Innokin Gala pod vape kit is smart and stylish while remaining simple enough for vapers o..
Ex Tax:$18.99
Model: rpaut1bugki2633
Coil Resistance:0.5ohm, 0.8ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:ChinaPack Size:SinglePod Coil Type:MeshTank Capacity:2mlThe Innokin Gala replacement Pods are designed for use with the Innokin Gala Pod Kit only. Featuring a 2ml eliquid capacity, these MTL (Mouth To Lung) pods provide an inhale activation for a ..
Ex Tax:$2.99
Model: vxlwz5vm0rc1928
Battery Capacity:310mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.4ohmMade In:ChinaPod Coil Type:CeramicTank Capacity:0.8mlWeight::16gHeight::8.8cm (3.5")Width::1.4cm (0.6")Depth::0.8cm (0.3")The Innokin I.O pod kit is one of the smallest pod vape kits available on the market. Powered by a 310mAh buil..
Ex Tax:$12.99
Model: mdbuxikpgmj6584
Coil Resistance:1.4ohmCoil Types:Ceramic CoilMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:0.8mlHeight::3.0cm (1.2")Width::1.5cm (0.6")Depth::1.0cm (0.4")The Innokin I.O replacement pods are for use with the Innokin I.O pod kit only. With a simple function, these MTL (Mouth To Lung) cartridges feature an 0.8ml e-liqui..
Ex Tax:$4.99
Model: bgcfrllduyv4152
Battery Capacity:800mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:1.3ohmMade In:ChinaPod Coil Type:CottonPod Kit Type:Re-FillableTank Capacity:2mlThe Innokin Podin is an intuitive pod device intended for users of all experiences. Featuring an 800mAh built-in battery, coupled with a sturdy yet lightweigh..
Ex Tax:$24.99
Model: qpf2el0ukft3261
Coil Resistance:1.3ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:SinglePod Coil Type:CottonTank Capacity:2mlThe Innokin Podin replacement pods are designed for use with the Innokin Podin kit only. Featuring a 2ml e-liquid capacity, these functional refillable pods employ an interchangeable coil system, meaning once fla..
Ex Tax:$4.99
Model: stufte1rw2g6432
Battery Capacity:1400mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:0.5ohm, 1.2ohmMade In:ChinaTank Capacity:2mlWeight::96gHeight::11cm (4.2")Width::2.9cm (1.1")Depth::1.8cm (0.7") Email Alert!This product is coming soon.To receive an email as soon as this item becomes available simply enter your email a..
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