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Model: zwvjj02oug35296
Battery Capacity:200mAhCoil Resistance:1.8ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Fixed WattagePod Kit Type:Pre-FilledTank Capacity:0.9mlWeight::17gHeight::11cm (4.3")Width::1.6cm (0.6")Depth::0.6cm (0.2")The Hangsen IQ Air Kit is a refillable pod device intended for new users or for more experienced vapers wh..
Ex Tax:$7.99
Model: la5vtswqeqd5914
Coil Resistance:1.2ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:2 PackTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Bottom Fill, Disposable, Fixed AirflowWeight::5gHeight::3.6cm (1.4")Width::0.8cm (0.3")Depth::2.2cm (0.9")The refillable Hangsen IQ OVS pods have been designed for use with the Hangsen IQ OVS kit only. Compatible with ..
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Model: dg23m4qowyf5912
Battery Capacity:600mAhCoil Resistance:1.2ohmMod Features:Fixed WattageTank Capacity:2mlTank Features:Fixed Airflow, Top FillWeight::85gHeight::7.8cm (3.1")Width::4.4cm (1.7")Depth::1.0cm (0.4")The Hangsen IQ OVS is an AIO (All In One) vape pod kit intended for beginner users whilst experienced vape..
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Model: ziycjha0dr15752
Battery Capacity:400mAhBattery Type:IntegratedCoil Resistance:2.0ohmMade In:ChinaMod Features:Fixed WattageTank Capacity:2mlWeight::51gHeight::11cm (4.3")Width::3.7cm (1.5")Depth::1.0cm (0.4")The Hangsen IQ3 is a pod starter kit, aimed at new users and experienced vapers looking for a discreet mouth..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: pml4t3tsglz5747
Coil Resistance:2.0ohmMade In:ChinaPack Size:2 PackTank Capacity:2mlThe Hangsen IQ Pods have been designed for use with the Hangsen IQ3 Starter Kit. Each pod contains a 2.0 Ohm coil for improved flavour, and mouth to lung vaping with a draw similar to a cigarette.These refillable pods feature a 2ml ..
Ex Tax:$5.99
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