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Model: 4haffnlnueg2249
Battery Size:18650Battery Type:Single 18650Coil Resistance:0.3ohm, 1.6ohmCoil Types:MeshMade In:USAPod Coil Type:Ceramic, MeshPod Kit Type:Re-FillableTank Capacity:2mlWeight::109gHeight::8.6cm (3.4")Width::4.6cm (1.8")Depth::2.3cm (0.9")The DotMod DotAIO vape kit is a high-end device recommended for..
Ex Tax:$49.99
Model: 54r2cykpivh4997
Made In:USAPack Size:SingleRDA Airflow:AdjustableRDA Diameter:15mm ØRDA Features:No PostRDA Posts:PostlessTank Capacity:2mlWeight::18gHeight::3.5cm (1.4")Width::2.0cm (0.8")Depth::1.6cm (0.6")The DotMod DotAIO RBA pod has been designed for use with the DotAIO pod kit only. This pod is different from..
Ex Tax:$39.99
Model: 2n4vopegqmf3063
Made In:USAPack Size:SingleTank Capacity:2mlWeight::11gHeight::3.4cm (1.3")Width::2.0cm (0.8")Depth::1.6cm (0.6")The DotMod DotAIO pods have been designed for use with the DotAIO pod kit only. These 2ml e-liquid pods are refillable and can be paired with a range of e-liquids. Please note these pods ..
Ex Tax:$13.99
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