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Model: qxojpirvk3a2115
Eliquid Flavours:Citrus, MangoMade In:UKAmnesia Mango eliquid is a unique blend, with a floral terpene flavour getting this started on inhale, bringing with it dominant citrus notes. This is complemented on exhale by a ripe tasting mango, which serves to add a combination of sweet and slightly sour ..
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Model: rncbvjviblo4412
Eliquid Flavours:FudgeMade In:UKGelato Brownie eliquid is a uniquely rich dessert blend with earthy undertones; on inhale, you'll detect a combination of smooth and creamy gelato and a rich, fudge brownie flavour. This is followed on exhale by subtle notes of terpene, which serves to add a woody and..
Ex Tax:$14.99
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