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Model: gzrkeh3envf4599
Accessories Type:Other PartsWeight::6gHeight::1.6cm (0.6")Diameter::1.2cm (0.5")The 510 to Ego Adaptor has been designed to increase the compatibility of your Ego vape tank. By using this adaptor you can pair Ego tanks with 510 thread vape devices, which is the thread you'll find one the majority of..
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Model: vj0jolr0vpb2337
Accessories Type:Other PartsHeight::5.4cm (2.1")Width::4.4cm (1.7")Depth::0.3cm (0.1")The Alpha 3 tool is incredibly useful for vapers who use shortfill e-liquids. Featuring a design similar to a bottle opener, it has been specially created for removing the fiddly caps off of shortfill e-liquids and..
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Model: 5qncfcwavxv5742
Made In:ChinaThe Aspire Puxos Interchangeable Mod Panels are designed for use with Aspire's Puxos mod, enabling the user to aesthetically customise the look of their mod with different colours and patterns.Contains:1 x Pair of Interchangable Panels..
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Model: euhbq3lxonk3850
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:USAThe DotAIO replacement doors have been designed for use with the DotAIO vape kit only. The patterened panels are constructed from polycarbonate plastic, making them very lightweight yet hardwearing, whereas the plain colours are made from stainless steel, with ..
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Model: 04zacfeywao6028
Made In:ChinaHeight::0.6cm (0.2")Diameter::1.2cm (0.5")The Eleaf iTap Airflow Ring has been designed for use with the iTap pod vape kit. When fitted, this ring can be used to adjust the device’s airflow - for a tighter or looser inhale. Please note that this ring does not to be replaced when your co..
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Model: k1r1td0ksyb5499
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:ChinaThe Geekvape Aegis Squonk Back Cover is designed for use with the Geekvape Aegis Squonk vape kit only. This practical accessory can be used to convert the Aegis Squonk kit into a standard vape mod, eliminating the inclusion of the squonk bottle in the process..
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Model: vm4xipar0hz6114
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:ChinaThe Innokin 18650 to 20700 battery adaptor is a handy tool that increases the compatibility of your 18650 vape batteries, allowing them to be used with a range of 20700 battery devices and kits.Each adaptor features a gold-plated positive connection, this ens..
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Model: istespx51rm2326
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:ChinaThe Innokin I.O Drip Tip Adapter is an accessory that has been designed for refilling your Innokin I.O Pod vape kit.This adaptor can be fitted over standard e-liquid bottle nibs, with the metal nib of the adaptor allowing you to quickly refill the I.O Pod wit..
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Model: odt3ebq4p0t5431
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:ChinaThe Innokin Podin MyBlu pod adaptor is designed for use with the Innokin Podin pod device and the MyBlu prefilled pods. These unique connectors allow users to use the renowned MyBlu replacement pods with the Innokin Podin pod kit for a rare cross-compatible e..
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Model: vzlpeqinaql1819
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:ChinaThe Innokin Endura T18 II Cap has been designed for use with the Innokin Endura T18 II Kit or T18 II Tank only.This cap fits over the drip tip and is secured by a magnet. This cap will stop dust and debris from getting into the tank and blocking your coil and..
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Model: iglovobtwca4118
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:ChinaThe Innokin Z Biip Airflow Ring is a replacement component for the Innokin Z Biip Kit. The airflow ring is attached to the pod, allowing the user more control over the levels of cloud and flavour production the device is capable of, by adjusting the ring.Cont..
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Model: phvvjbq2z1i6629
Accessories Type:Other PartsMade In:ChinaThe Innokin Zenith Pro Beauty Ring is designed for use with the Innokin Zenith Pro vape tank only. This beauty ring offers a stylish aesthetic when utlised, whilst also increasing the diameter of your vape tank allowing it fit more comfortably on larger vape ..
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